Frequently Asked Questions

Courses and Subscription
  1. Are the courses/learning material free of charge?
    • There are 2 types of courses/learning material in - The Standard Courses/Learning Material and the Premium Courses/Learning Material.
    • The Standard Courses/Learning Material are FREE of charge.
    • The Premium Courses/Learning Material are not free.
  2. What are the differences between the standard courses and premium courses?
    • The standard courses are free but have relatively less features and content compare with the premium courses.
  3. How to subscribe to a course/learning material?
    • In order to subscribe to a course, you must first sign up to become a user.
    • After signing up and activating your account, you can search and add courses into your cart.
    • After that, checkout the cart.
    • The courses will be added into your "My Courses" list.
    • Click on "My Courses" to access to the courses.
(Click here to learn more about "How to subscribe to a course")


  1. Can I request for Refund?
    • Money_back_small offer 100% money back guarantee for certain courses. Only courses displaying the symbol on the left are covered by our no question asked 100% money back guarantee. Please read the following terms & conditions before making your purchase.

Multiple Access and Reselling

  1. Can I resell the course to other parties?
    • No. Only the subscriber is allowed to access the course.
  2. Can I share the course with other parties?
    • No. Only the registered individual is allowed to access the course. reserves the right to freeze your account if we found that the account is shared by more than 1 user. The account will be freezed immediately if more than 1 user tries to log in to the same account at the same time. Therefore you are advised not to expose your password to anybody.


  1. I am not able to log in to my account. I was told that my account was suspended. Why?
    • In order to protect your account, the account will be freezed automatically if there are more than 1 user log in from different computers or from one computer but different browser at the same time. Therefore, it's important not to expose your user id and password to other party.
  2. How do I reactivate the suspended account?
    • You can write an email to us ( to describe your problem. Our staff will reset your account as soon as possible. After logging in to your account again, you are advised to change your password immediately.

MyHomeTuition Email Learning Notes

  1. What is the benefits of subscribing to MyHomeTuition Email Learning Notes?
    • The major benefit of subscribing to the newsletter is you can receive free learning material such as formula list, short notes and the news about tuition broadcast from time to time. Other than that, you can also receive the information about the latest promotional item and the latest published courses.
  2. How do I subscribe to the e-mail learning notes?
    • You subscribe to the e-mail learning notes once you signed up as a user in or MyhomeTuition forum. You can also subscribe to the list directly from our email learning notes page.
  3. Can I unsubscribe from the e-mail learning notes?
    • Yes, you can unsubscribe from the e-mail learning notes by following the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the e-mail.
  4. I can't find the confirmation email. What should I do?
    • Possibility 1: Sometime, your email service provider (especially Yahoo Mail) may misplace the confirmation email into the spam or junk mail box. Look for the confirmation email in your spam or junk mail box if you do not receive the confirmation email within 2 minutes.
    • Possibility 2: It's also possible that you have given a wrong email address. If this is the case, try to subscribe again by using a correct email address.
    • Possibility 3: Your email service provider (especially Yahoo Mail) have temporally hold the email. Therefore, you need to wait for a few hours for the mail to arrive to your inbox.
    • If you still can't find the conformation email, email to us at, tell us your email address and describe your problem (Example: I can't find the confirmation email after subscribing to the "email learning notes".).
  5. Why don't I receive the email notes even though I have confirmed my subscription?
    • This is probably because your email service provider (Especially Yahoo Mail) has misplaced our email into the spam or junk mail box.
    • Look for the mail in the spam or junk mail box and then tell your service provider this is not spam.
    • Lastly, add our email address into your address book to avoid our future email sent drop into the spam or junk mail box again.