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Tutor: Mr Kwee SK (14 years experience (year 2012) in teaching SPM Physics and Chemistry. Also the course designer of MyHomeTuition.com).

Course Content:
Form 4 Chapter 5: Chemical Bond

  1. Chemical Compound
    1. Stability of Noble Gases
    2. Duplet and Octet Electron Arrangement
    3. The Octet Rule
    4. How Atoms Achieve Duplet or Octet Electron Arrangement?
    5. Formation of Ion
      1. Formation of Positive Ions
      2. Formation of Negative Ions
      3. Difference Between Fluoride Ion and Neon Atom
  2. Ionic Bonding
    1. Predicting the Formula of Ionic Compound
  3. Covalent Bonding
    1. Number of Bond
    2. Predicting the Molecular Formula
  4. Characteristics of Ionic and Covalent Compound
    1. Properties of Ionic Compounds
    2. Properties of Covalent Compounds
      1. Simple Molecule
      2. Macromolecular compounds

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