02 Matter and the Atomic Structure
03 The Mole Concept, Chemical Formula and Equation
04 The Periodic Table of Elements
05 Chemical Bond
06 Acids, Bases and Salts
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4.2.2 Uses of Group 18 Elements

Uses of the Group 18 Elements



  1. The gas is much less dense than air. Therefore it is used in balloons and ‘airships’.
  2. Because of its inertness, it doesn’t burn in air, UNLIKE hydrogen which used to be used in large balloons with ‘flammable’ consequences.

Deep-sea Diving

  1. Helium is also used in gas mixtures for deep-sea divers.
  2. This is because the solubility of the helium is very low. Therefore it will not dissolve in the blood even though the pressure of the surrounding is very high.
(Neon Bulb)


  1. Neon emits light when high voltage electricity is passed through it.
  2. Because of this, it is used in glowing ‘neon’ advertising signs and fluorescent lights.


(Filament Bulb)

Filament Bulb

  1. Argon, like all the Noble Gases is chemically inert.
  2. It used in filament bulbs because the metal filament will not burn in Argon and it reduces evaporation of the metal filament.


Argon also used to produce an inert atmosphere in high temperature metallurgical processes, eg in welding where it reduces brittle oxide formation reducing the weld quality.

Fire Extinguisher

Argon is also used for extinguishing fires where damage to equipment is to be avoided



Krypton is used in fluorescent bulbs, flash bulbs and laser beams.


(Camera Flash)
(Fluorescent Bulb)

Also used in fluorescent bulbs, flash bulbs and lasers.


Used in radiotherapy to kill cancer cell.