SPM Form 4 Physics Chapter 1 – Introduction to Physics

Introduction to Physics is the first chapter in SPM Physics. Under this chapter, we will discuss physical quantities measurement, measuring instruments and scientific investigation.

  1. Physical Quantities
    1. Base Quantities
    2. Derived Quantities
    3. Exercises – Conversion of the Unit of Speed, Density and Pressure (Download pdf)
    4. Scalar and Vector Quantities
  2. Scientific Notation and Significant Figure
  3. Prefixes
  4. Measurement and Error
    1. Consistency, Accuracy and Sensitivity
  5. Measuring Instruments
    1. Ruler, Thermometer and Stopwatch
    2. Vernier Caliper
    3. Micrometer Screw Gauge
    4. Ammeter and Voltmeter
  6. Scientific Investigation

Objective Questions

  1. Introduction to Physics 1
  2. Introduction to Physics 2
  3. Introduction to Physics 3
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