About Us

OnlineTuition.com.my is an online tuition center, offering various tuition courses through the internet. We are more like an online home tutor, giving tuition for any subjects, any topics, at any time as you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online Home Tuition Course

Our SPM online home tuition course is a type of e-learning, which provides interactive input and output learning for students online. Most online tuition websites only provide output learning, meaning that they provide only questions for students to do, but for us, we provide both the input and output learning. Students can learn online (input) whenever they want, and they are also comprehensive exercise (output) for them to practice.

Our online home tuition course is an asynchronous e-learning course, meaning students can access our programs online at anytime, and learn at their own pace. Our online lessons are pre-created flash slides, enriched with interactive flashcards and mind maps, which will help students to remember better.

Our material is prepared by teachers with over fifteen years experience in teaching. There may be no personal coaching but as experienced professionals we know what kind of problem student encounter when studying. Therefore, in our course, we list down all the questions possibly asked by students and then provide a solution for the questions. There will also be a forum for students who have any questions.