Mind Map – Electronics

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Electronics is the forth chapter in Malaysia Form 5 Physics. Image above shows the mind map of this chapter. There are 6 main sub-topics in this chapter. All are equally important.

The following is the list of topic in this chapter.

  1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
    1. Cathode Ray
    2. The Structure of Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
    3. Using Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
  2. Semiconductor
    1. Pure an Impure Semiconductor
    2. Doping
  3. Diodes
    1. Forward Bias and Reverse Bias
    2. Diode as Rectifier
  4. Transistor
    1. The Structure of Transistor
    2. Transistor Circuit
    3. Applications of Transistor
  5. Integrated Circuit
  6. Logic Gate
    1. Symbol
    2. Truth Table
    3. Boolean Expression

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