Mind Map – Heat

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Hest is the forth chapter in Malaysia Form 4 Physics. Image above shows the mind map of this chapter. There are 4 main sub-topics in this chapter, namely the Thermal Equiliubrium, Specific Heat Capacity, Specific Latent Heat and Gas Laws. There are a lot of calculation questions in this chapter, especially under specific heat capacity, specific latent heat and gas laws.

The following is the list of topic in this chapter.

  1. Thermal Equilibrium
    1. Thermometer
      1. Calibration
      2. Compare
        1. Alcohol
        2. Mercury
      3. Sensitivity
    2. Examples
  2. Specific Heat Capacity
    1. Formulae
    2. Applications
    3. Natural Phenomena
  3. Specific Latent Heat
    1. Graph
    2. Formula
    3. Applications
  4. Gas Law
    1. Boyle’s law
    2. Charles’ law
    3. Pressure law
    4. Universal gas law

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