5 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

(Cathode Ray Tube Television)
  1. Cathode-ray tubes have become part of everyday life.
  2. They can be found in the screens of television sets and computer monitors.
  3. In the Physics laboratory, we use the cathode-ray tube in the oscilloscope to study waveforms.
  4. In SPM, you need to know
    1. How cathode ray is produced (Thermionic emission and electron gun)
    2. The characteristics of cathode ray (Study by using the Maltese Cross Tube and Deflection Tube).
    3. the structure of a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
    4. how to operate a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
    5. the uses of a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
(Cathode Ray Oscilloscope)

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