Micrometer Screw Gauge

Label of the Parts

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Range and Accuracy

  1. The range of a micrometer is 0-25mm.
  2. The accuracy of a micrometer is up to 0.01mm.

How to Use a Micrometer?

  1. Turn the thimble until the object is gripped gently between the anvil and spindle. 
  2. Turn the ratchet knob until a “click” sound is heard. This is to prevent exerting too much pressure on the object measured. 
  3. Take the reading.

    How to Read the Reading?

    Reading = Reading of main scale + Reading of thimble scale.

    Reading of main scale = 0 – 25 mm
    Reading of thimble scale = 0 – 0.49mm


    (This image is licensed under GDFL. The source file can be obtained from wikipedia.org.)

    Reading of main scale = 5.5mm
    Reading of thimble scale = 0.28mm

    Actual Reading = 5.5mm + 0.28mm = 5.78mm
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    Precaution Steps

    1. The spindle and anvil are cleaned with a tissue or cloth so that any dirt present will not be measured. 
    2. The thimble must be tightened until the first click is heard. 
    3. The zero error is recorded.

      Interactive Animation
      SHAW : micrometer (Java Applet)

      External Link
      The Micrometer – Upscale.Utoronto.ca

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